5 Ways to Make the Most Out of the Boxing Day Sales

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of the Boxing Day Sales

It’s almost that time of the year again, when bargains are a dime a dozen and great deals stretch as far as the eye can see. The Boxing Day sales are a time when the prices are slashed and all those different and tempting items that were just out of your reach are suddenly served on a silver platter. The problem there however is, you aren’t the only one who can take advantage of this holiday tradition.

Literally millions of people will be doing all they can to avail of Boxing Day sales. If you aren’t sure about what you’re doing, that directionless attitude will be swept up by the ensuing chaos – with everyone else managing to snatch record deals before you do. However, if you take note of just a few essential things then you’ll never be caught off guard no matter how confusing the week might become. Put on your best walking shoes and take a deep breath; here’s how to make the most out of Boxing Day Sales.

1. Start with the basics! Do you have a plan? Have you eaten?

These might seem completely obvious to any bargain hunter out there but you’d be surprised how often people forget the basics when they’re distracted by what’s to come. Don’t forget that success during the sales can only be achieved by a plan. Do you know which stores out there are affected by the sales? Are you aware of when these particular outlets open to the masses? How about where they’re located? By taking note of these three particular details, you can map out where you want to go and when. If you don’t plan ahead, then you’ll have failed before you even started

Also, it’s important that you get a bite to eat before embarking on your Boxing Day journey. As a matter of fact, bring a couple of extra snacks because you’re going to be standing outside a lot. There are going to be lines and it’s going to be jam-packed with people out in the freezing cold. After all, the stores might have heating but that doesn’t mean the streets do!

2. Starting with a plan means knowing exactly what you want

One of the biggest hurdles most people run into during Boxing Day sales is indecisiveness. They might have something in mind, but there are so many options that they spend more time window-shopping than they should have. This could end with someone purchasing the item they’ll eventually want before they even realize. If you want to avoid this common issue, then be committed in what you want from every single store you’re going to be visiting.

This also includes a Plan B, just in case the item you want has already been taken. After all, you might have plans to purchase something from a particular store but because it wasn’t the first stop in your list, those who arrived there earlier purchased it. This brings us to the next essential tidbit:

3. Map out the stores based on priority

Let’s say there’s something from the Boxing Day sales that you want more than the others. Perhaps a ring your one and only has had her eyes on – or maybe even that game system that your son has been pestering you about all year. If you want to get a hold of it then don’t take any chances. Map out your trip so that when you arrive early, it’s the first stop (though this can also be based on what time they open). This way, you can at least guarantee that there will be some stock left for you.

The priority system isn’t just for the item you want the most however! Obtain a list of all the things you wish to get during the Boxing Day sales, and number them out based on priority. That way, you’ll be able to map out which stores you’ll be going to first and you won’t feel too awful if a store runs out of something you want, because there were other things you wanted more that you were able to get.

4. If you have the cash, shop for next year’s holidays as well

Boxing Day sales make it possible for you to not only make the most out of this Christmas, but to be prepared to enjoy the next. There’s a reason why the sales happen so late in the month – and that’s to prepare you for next Christmas. If you happen to have the cash to spare, then it’s very cost-effective to make purchases for next year as well. That way, if next year’s Boxing Day sales don’t go as well as you’d hoped, then you have a contingency waiting for you at home!

5. If you can’t go out to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales, shop online instead!

While there’s an entire week of the sale to make sure that everyone is able to go out and have fun, it can be understandable that some individuals just won’t be able to make it. Whatever the reason, don’t give up just yet! The Internet is a fine place to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales, but just remember that there will be people out there who are thinking the same thing. Make sure to plan out what you want ahead of time so that you can be as quick and as efficient as possible. The deals tend to get snatched up about as quickly in the online shops, so it’s best to be prepared.

To conclude, the most important thing to remember when you’re experiencing Boxing Day sales is to have fun. It might be a relatively chaotic and stressful time, but provided you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to circumvent the worst of it. Get to know the people who are lined up with you and make as many friends as you can. It’s the season of giving and holiday cheer, so who knows? They might just end up helping you out!

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