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Nowadays a lot of the supermarkets don't just do groceries. They have expanded their ranges to also include their own brand items. Which include clothing, furnishings, electrical and toys amongst other things.By selling these sorts of products it allows them to get involved in the Boxing Day sales. Tesco is well known for its already low prices and deals, but it gets even better on Boxing Day. Whilst obviously wanting to focus on their own brand products and get as much Tesco into homes as possible; they do also sell other branded products too. So it's a great place to grab some usually higher priced brands and discounted prices. Nowadays supermarket own brand products quality is up there with the best of them; sometimes even rivalling the well established higher end brands. So why not check out some of Tesco's own brand home wears and furnishings, cooking equipment and their well known clothing brand F&F. When it comes to the Boxing Day sales these already low priced products become even more of bargain.

Fancy popping into one of their stores? To get any products in their Boxing Day sales your best off visiting one of their many stores open which are usually open 24/7. But if browsing their site from the comfort of your own home sounds more like you; then just hop onto their site as that's 24/7 too.

Tesco Boxing Day Sales
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