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As well as the other big four super markets, Sainsbury's takes part in the Boxing Day Sales. They will mainly be focusing their deals on home wears and clothing products, not so much their groceries. Sainsbury's followed in the footsteps of the other supermarkets by producing its own clothes brand called TU. After working with famous faces TU is now up there when it comes to great styled products. With them already being at such a great price getting that bit extra off in the Boxing Day Sales makes that outfit look and feel even better. They also have some really great home wears. In the stores it is predominantly their own brand products. However Sainsbury now own Argos and Habitat, which means they have an even greater range of home wears products than ever before all under one roof, or all on one website if you're an online shopper.

You can drop in to one of their many super stores where they are currently continuing to incorporate these newly owned brands into their stores. But you can also shop online and get the same great deals. You can get to these brands through the Sainsbury's website and even use your Nectar card to build up those points to get even better deals.

Sainsburys Boxing Day Sales
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