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John Lewis is more known as that higher end department store that you go into for the special bits and pieces. But when it comes to the Boxing Day sales they love to join in with the best of them. And sometimes those high end stores are the ones that end up giving the best deals. So if you want some of those higher prices items that you wouldn't usually go for then there's no better time than in the Boxing Day sales. Electricals and house hold furniture are always good ones to go for from John Lewis, as they offer some great additional services like fitting, removal of old products and 2 years insurance as standard. Of course John Lewis doesn't just deal in electricals.

Being a department store they have a vast array of goodies to choose from. They have their own brand products but also many designer concessions and their partnership with supermarket brand Waitrose. Of course you can always drop into one of their many stores however why not shop from the luxury of your own home and get them delivered. Great for those slightly bigger items that won't fit in the car. Like that new 50" flat screen TV to watch all those great movies and football matches.

John Lewis Boxing Day Sales
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